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Courtney Lyons, Yoga Instructor

After many years of growing my love and passion for all things yoga, I took the next step and received my 200 hour Yoga Alliance Certification at Twist Yoga. There, I learned not only to deepen my own practice, but a pathway to teach yoga to others. The most beautiful aspect of yoga is that it can meet the needs of anyone, regardless of what shape or state they may be in.

For me personally, yoga is the only thing that can bring me back to my true self. I began taking yoga classes as a 19-year-old college student. In the early classes, I struggled. I struggled to clear my mind, to follow my breath and just holding still made me feel incredibly uncomfortable. I had experienced some difficult years as a teen, which had left me in a profoundly melancholy state. I will never forget my first instructor; she taught me how to “flip the script”on life, and after a few short weeks of practice, yoga lifted some of the darkness and brought me back to my more child-like self, where I was able to find new perspective. This has carried me through my adult years. So, in times of challenge and times of joy, I turn to my yoga practice, to not only keep my body healthy, but more importantly my mind and soul.

Outside of my yoga practice, I spend time with my family on our urban farm in Canby, Oregon. My husband, James, and I have three daughters, two dogs, one cat, five chickens and one sweet bunny rabbit. We stay busy playing in the yard, enjoying paddle boarding and riding bikes together.

I am so grateful that my passion for yoga helps me stay physically strong to spend these wonderful memories with my family. Practicing yoga a couple times a week will increase strength, flexibility, lung capacity and reduce the risk of bodily injury. Regular integration can also lower blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar levels.

I look forward to working alongside Clock Tower Chiropractic and Massage in making yoga accessible to all people, regardless of mobility, flexibility or age. We will make yoga suit your individual needs, so that you can elevate your health!

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Namaste, my friends!