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Sarah Colby, Chiropractic Physician, has over 25 years of experience, 9 of which were in health clubs. She earned her certification at Palmer Chiropractic West and participates annually in continuing education courses to stay abreast of developments in Chiropractic technique. Sarah Colby is known as one of the best Wilsonville Chiropractors in the area.

Using a comprehensive approach of gentle or deep Chiropractic Manipulation, muscle work and exercise rehabilitation, Dr. Colby helps all types of bodies live life to the fullest. She employs traditional Chiropractic adjustments (manipulations) on misaligned, or “locked-up,” joints in the body to correct the cause of pain and related problems. In addition, Dr. Colby uses soft tissue and non-force techniques for delicate patients, such as those with osteoporosis.

Dr. Colby works carefully with patients who may have fears about chiropractic adjustments. She addresses areas of concern before any treatment as part of her initial exam. Working through fears on a one-on-one basis can give patients peace of mind before proceeding with treatment.

Dr. Colby has lived and practiced in Wilsonville since 2004. In her free time, she enjoys working in the yard and doing house projects with her husband, and cultivating her small crop garden. She also enjoys working on her small farm, tending to her goats, chickens and rabbits. She also weaves willow branches into fencing and baskets, one of which hangs on the office wall of Clock Tower Chiropractic & Massage. Prior to moving to Wilsonville, Dr. Colby practiced in San Francisco, where she was team doctor for a Gaelic football team.