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ChiroHealth USA Chiropractic Coverage

You may join ChiroHealth USA if you have Medicare or Insurance coverage, but it may only be used for services not covered by Medicare or Insurance. Partially insured patients, who have coverage for some services and not others, like Medicare patients, can use their ChiroHealth USA benefits to complement their existing benefits, specifically for the non-covered services only.

ChiroHealth is considered a DMPO (discount medical plan organization) that can be used when there is NO insurance available or limited coverage available. Who qualifies as a dependent under a ChiroHealth USA membership? A dependent is a spouse, registered domestic partner (if permitted in your state), dependent children under the age of 26, parents in the household over age 60 and any other IRS dependent.

Many of the Chiropractor & Massage Services provided at our facility in Wilsonville are covered by ChiroHealth USA. This provider owned network differs from other insurance carriers in that it is more of a discount service, offering discounts on particular services, including chiropractic services. It is a great solution for individuals who may already belong to a particular health insurance plan that might not cover chiropractic services. An individual can opt to stay in their current health insurance plan and also partake in the benefits and discounts offered by ChiroHealth USA for Wilsonville chiropractic services.

ChiroHealth USA Chiropractic Coverage is also a good option for those whose Wilsonville chiropractic services are considered out of network with their current insurance plan. As your Wilsonville Chiropractor, Dr. Colby is proud to serve patients in Wilsonville and surrounding areas, including Tualatin, Lake Oswego, West Linn, Tigard, Sherwood, Portland, Canby and others, and will gladly accept ChiroHealth USA plans to assist you in covering the medical expenses.

As part of the network of doctors and specialist who accept ChiroHealth USA for our Chiropractor & Massage Services, we know and understand that you are concerned about the costs involved regarded any treatments you may require. The discount medical plan specializes in providing discounts specifically for chiropractic services, and is accepted at our facility in Wilsonville. Designed to help individuals get affordable care and equipment that other insurance carriers may not provide, ChiroHealth USA offers a range of different plans to suit individual needs and budgets.

If you are concerned that your current insurance carrier won’t provide coverage for chiropractic services at our facility in Wilsonville, please contact us to discuss other options, including signing up for ChiroHealth USA. We can give you information that may aid you in your decision or you can visit their website directly to learn more about the discount services and benefits. Don’t let a lack of funds stand in the way of good health and less pain in your life. Start on the path to a happier and less painful life today by taking advantage of the discounts provided through the variety of plans offered by ChiroHealth USA.

As a Wilsonville chiropractor covered by ChiroHealth USA, we’ll be able to provide you with the best treatment at affordable prices, so that you don’t have to sacrifice your health and well being in order to save money. We care about all our patients and strive to provide you with the best possible care.

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