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LifeWise of Oregon Chiropractic Coverage

As a preferred health care provider at Clock Tower Chiropractic & Massage in Wilsonville, LifeWise of Oregon offers its members a full range of affordable health care options and programs with the intention of helping you to improve and advance a healthy lifestyle. Serving members across Oregon and focusing on many naturopath services, their coverage includes many of the chiropractic and massage services provided by Dr. Colby, your chiropractic care specialist in Wilsonville.

LifeWise of Oregon is a very popular choice for health care for those seeking coverage for more natural and alternative methods of healing. Along with being in-network with many PCPs that provide alternative healing services, the health care provider also provides members with a variety of useful and beneficial programs that are of great value to anyone seeking to improve their daily lifestyle and achieve better health for themselves and their family. There are also many discounts offered for various other services that other health care providers may not always provide.

For in-network, low cost health care options for chiropractic care in Wilsonville, consider LifeWise of Oregon Chiropractic Coverage. The health care provider strives to keep costs low for its members, as well as ensure that many natural and alternative methods of healing are available for those who prefer them over more traditional and expensive methods of treatment.

You can visit their informative website where you will be able to learn about a whole array of features, programs and online resources designed to help you better improve your health on a daily basis.

Because there are a variety of plans offered by this health care provider, you should check your benefits to see exactly what may be covered and what your out-of-pocket expenses might be for various treatments or visits to a specialist. Many of the chiropractic and massage services at our Wilsonville facility are likely covered by your LifeWise of Oregon health plan, but you may be responsible for some of the costs depending upon the plan you have chosen.

Please contact us or visit our office in Wilsonville to learn more about the services we provide, your health care coverage, or to make an appointment. We are happy to accept all LifeWise of Oregon members from Wilsonville and surrounding areas, including Portland, Canby, Tigard, West Linn, Tualatin Sherwood, and Lake Oswego.

Visit the LifeWise of Oregon website to learn more: