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UMR/Legacy Chiropractic Coverage

UMR/Legacy is accepted at your Wilsonville chiropractor, Clock Tower Chiropractic & Massage. This health care option is not actually a health insurance company—rather, it is a third-party administrator that works with your employer and health care companies, for the purpose of increasing efficiency in processing health care claims and ultimately striving to keep health care costs at a minimum. With health care costs always on the rise, UMR/Legacy is a great option for many employers and employees, who benefit from the help provided by the administrator.

As part of the UnitedHealthcare company, UMR/Legacy also offers its members other benefits, such as a Health Plan Cost Estimator. This useful tool can be used to help members more accurately determine what the costs might be with various health plans, and also compares the costs with your other expenses so you can better make informed decisions in choosing the right plan.

The health plan estimator enables members to compare the costs and benefits of the various health plans offered by various health care providers that work with UMR/Legacy. This is very useful for those with specific health care needs that require coverage for specific specialist treatments, such as chiropractic services in Wilsonville.

When making your decision on which health care plan to choose, you can check to see is chiropractic services in Wilsonville are covered by any of the plans associated with UMR/Legacy. This way you can eliminate the concern and worry over whether or not any of the services you require at Clock Tower Chiropractic & Massage will be covered or if you will be responsible for any out of pocket costs.

If you are uncertain as to whether the health care plan you are currently enrolled in provides coverage for any of the services provided by Dr. Sarah Colby, you Wilsonville chiropractic specialist, simply call our friendly staff, and we’ll help you find out what services are covered and if you may be required to pay any deductible or coinsurance. Serving Wilsonville and all surrounding areas, including Tigard, Tualatin, Sherwood, Portland, Canby, Lake Oswego, and West Linn, we are happy to be able to provide quality and professional health care for those who require treatment or are in pain. Visit us at our Wilsonville office or call to make an appointment, or you can learn more about our office and Dr. Sarah Colby by continuing to browse through our website.

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