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Preventative Care
We work to develop preventative care programs for people with postural problems, old injuries or serious conditions, like arthritis, that might otherwise limit them from activities they enjoy. Preventative care can include exercise programs, ergonomic changes, sports and work hardening, massage and/or chiropractic treatment aimed at improving performance and function.

Clock Tower Chiropractic & Massage offers free health elevation and corrective exercise classes to encourage faster and more permanent recovery. We can corroborate with trainers to ensure the best outcomes for sports injuries and other conditions.

Our Chiropractor, Dr. Sarah Colby,  works to design individualized rehabilitation programs, which clients can access from their home. Teaching specific exercises for back, neck, shoulder, knee, hip and other areas. This adds critical support in healing of painful or injured areas, since research shows that treatment outcomes are more successful if exercise is part of the treatment plan.