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Home Self-Care Recommendations for Work and Play

We are thinking about our patients that we are unable to see in these times of uncertainty. Historically, when people have excess amounts of down time (holidays, vacations, ect.), their bodies begin to deteriorate and fall back into the old patterns that they have been working so hard to repair with us. To help you maintain the INVINCIBILITY you have gained, and prevent recurrence of pain, please follow these basic guidelines each day.

  1. Ergonomics for work/school from home! To prevent back and neck problems make sure your ergonomics are correct. Lap tops alone can be a big problem. Consider using an additional mouse, keyboard, or monitor to improve neck and shoulder posture.
  2. Ergonomic chairs or standing deskscan prevent low back problems. You can text a picture of your set up to Dr. Colby at 503-680-0965 if you want advice!
  3. – Exercise/Activity.This is the time to be good about your home exercise program. We see a tremendous amount of back and neck flare ups after the Holidays due to inactivity and increased couch/sitting time. Do the exercises you have been given to keep healthy and prevent flare ups. General walking and exercise also improve musculoskeletal health so stay active!

Here is a link to a yoga channel that Dr. Colby recommends as an option for movement:

  1. – Vitamins.Eating right and taking supplements can boost your immune system. This will give your body a good boost to fight illness!

  1. – Drink plenty of water!To boost immunity, improve tissue health and increase sleep quality.

  1. – Get good sleep!