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Telehealth Appointments


To schedule a Telehealth appointment, call 503-685-9841.

Telehealth appointments with Clock Tower Chiropractic & Massage are a safe and convenient option for our patients to confer with the Doctor about their chiropractic health and gain peace of mind, as well as offering an avenue to continue their progress without leaving home.

We are offering these appointments by phone, as well as through the HIPAA compliant Zoom app for consults better had visually.

What Can You Do During a TeleHealth Session?

You may be surprised by the number of issues that can be addressed during a virtual appointment!

● Consultation for acute pain or injuries: “Is this a sprain or strain?” “Do I use heat or ice?” “Should I be concerned about…?” The Doctor can perform exams to assess new issues, or recurrences of old injuries.

● Adjusting rehabilitative exercises and stretches: Setting home-programs to ease pain or increasing intensity as strength builds, new instruction can be provided via the Zoom app.

● Designing the optimal ergonomic set up for their at-home work-station: How to position your desk, chair and computer for reduced stress and back and neck pain while working can be determined by your chiropractor, also with a virtual platform.

Who Uses TeleHealth?

● Immuno-compromised patients who cannot leave their home
● Patients that want to continue to progress between visits
● Patients with complicated schedules that need to reduce commute time for some appointments
● Patients who travel and want to maintain their health
● Patients without transportation

What is the cost of a Telehealth Appointment?

Insurance: PPO Plans, Worker’s Compensation, Personal Injury and Auto Accidents

If your PPO insurance policy covers chiropractic or physical therapy in our office then it covers your TeleHealth visit as well and we will accept and file the insurance for you.
Please call our office and speak to our Front Desk Personnel for up-to-date information or for insurance verification for your specific plan.
Note: We are in network with most major insurance plans, we also accept Workers Compensation, Personal Injury and Auto Accidents.

Self Pay or Under Insured:

● New Conditions $100
● Wellness Consultation $75
● Exercise Rehabilitation $45
● Ergonomic Consultation $45

● New Conditions $60
● Wellness Consultation $60
● Exercise Rehabilitation $35
● Ergonomic Consultation $35

ChiroHealth Discount Program:
ChiroHealth USA is a discount membership program which allows us to give you a discount off our regular fees. It provides a minimum discount of 33% and provides a maximum fee for Chiropractic treatment with or without an examination. There is an annual fee of $49 paid directly to ChiroHealth USA which covers the purchaser and their spouse/dependents/partners for one full year. The cost of the membership fee is usually saved within 4 visits. We receive no compensation from ChiroHealth USA.
Ask our Front Desk Personnel for more information and to enroll. 503-685-9841